Amaretto Originale


The Inga family have been producing superior liqueurs in Italy since 1832.
This premium Amaretto Originale liqueur was originally produced in the town of Gavi, famous for amaretti biscuits which have been made there for generations. The Inga family took inspiration from these mouthwatering biscuits and based their Amaretto liqueur on the traditional recipes and made improvements by using Sicilian almond extracts along with other secret ingredients. The flavour is sweet toasted almonds, hints of caramel with a vanilla and black cherry finish and a smooth texture.

ABV: 28%  VOL: 500ml

Serving Suggestion: Straight over ice, with orange juice or cola.
The perfect addition to many well known cocktails.

Tasting Notes: Smooth, sweet toasted almonds, hints of caramel with a vanilla and black cherry finish.

The Lorenzo Inga Selection contains the exquisite collection of Italian Spirits, featuring the Panarea Gin range, My Grappa and the unique Antico Amaro Di Serrravalle. The Inga’s family spirits and liqueurs began in Noto, Sicily in 1832 and have continued to flourished in Piedmont since the early twentieth century. Their’s is a story of passion in the art of distillation, passed down through five generations, driven by the seasonal ritual of time to create flavours of their homeland.

Inga Family

Since 1832, the Inga family have won many awards and received many honours, beginning with first prize at the National Expo in Turin (1898) .
The subtle characteristics and finest quality of MY GRAPPA and ANTICO AMARO DI SERRAVALLE are the outcome of this tradition and of continuous development.

Inga History 2

The “Lorenzo Inga Selection” is the latest progression of the formulas and recommendations that family founder, Gaetano Inga passed down.
With incomparable mellowness, precious aromas and seasoned flavours, the family-produced grappas and liqueurs are enjoyed all over the world. 

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