Dublin City Gin is an Irish handcrafted dry gin with carefully selected core Botanicals.  We prepare the recipe, which includes Organic Rhubarb grown along the Grand Canal in Dublin itself, by hand.  Irish Milk Spirit provides the ideal base for our recipe giving the extra silky finish we love. To our great delight, it has been acclaimed for quality and taste as an award-winning gin both at home and abroad.  A genuine full character gin and a little cheeky too!

Our recipe was conceived by two friends, Jim O'Connor and Sheila Cooney, who decided Dublin needed a hometown gin. And rightly so! We set to work on our grand venture. After much time, sweat, and tears tasting our results finally became something to enjoy. Our recipe was born! Dublin City Gin is crafted using a selection of local and exotic Botanicals. Through slow refinement these were reduced to a surprising few, our core seven. By design less was indeed more.

Led by Juniper our core Botanicals feature Dublin Rhubarb and include zesty Grapefruit, and warm, spicy Cardamon.