JJ Corry The Gael & The Hanson - Twin Pack

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Introducing the J.J Corry twin pack Irish Whiskey. Featuring two distinct blends - The Hanson and The Gael - this pack is a celebration of Ireland's finest whiskey-making traditions.

The Hanson is a smooth and complex blend of Irish Grain Whiskeys, aged for four, nine and ten years in ex-bourbon barrels to build depth and richness. Sourced from different distilleries, each cask has been carefully selected to create a harmonious balance of sweetness and complexity.

The Gael, on the other hand, is a true gem that has been awarded a Gold medal at the 2017 Irish Whiskey Awards. This 60% Malt 40% Grain blend is juicy, fruity, and exceptionally smooth, with a sweet and lingering finish that will leave you wanting more.

1 x 700ml J.J Corry - The Hanson
1 x 700ml J.J Corry - The Gael

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